Associate Professor Iryna Liashenko took part at the conference on Language Assessment Literacy LAL EVO22, which was preceded by a two-month training course in assessment supported by IATEFL TeaSIG, EALTA Classroom Based Assessment SIG & EnA. The course highlighted such topics as principles and tools of quality assessment, reading and listening assessment, assessment of productive skills - speaking and writing,, design of assessment tests. The course was interesting for international professionals and cengaged overed more than 300 participants from different countries. Iryna presented the results of her training in the form of a specification for assessing speaking skills.
The presented professional cooperation with international associations undoubtedly enriches the quality of teaching.

Associate Professor Iryna Liashenko has launch her participation in the new project from the British Council as a facilitator of the course Teaching English in the new context. Grades 5-9 within the New Ukrainian School program having auspices under the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.
The project involves about 3,000 teachers of Ukrainian schools and integrates self-access modules and discussion forums on the British Council Online Teacher Community platform and live sessions delivered remotely or face-to-face with the facilitators’ help.
The scope of topiсs outlined within the course touches upon reflection in teaching and learning, understanding learners and their learning preferences, managing the educational process, assessment for learning, developing communicative language skills.
The major goal of the program is to contribute to participants’ further professional development in terms of their professional competences in the context of the New Ukrainian School reform and to provide participants with an opportunity to explore deeper various aspects of learning/teaching.
Cooperation with the British Council is an honorable confirmation of trust in a professional context.


The member of the scientific students’ group "Cross-cultural Communication" Hutnik Rodion, the1st year student (gr.PL-11) IFSK, scientific supervisor Malovana Nina (Senior Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, Ph.D.) took 3rd place in the field of "Sociology". The title of the scientific work is "manipulation". The results of the study were presented at the XVI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Higher Education of Ukraine in the context of integration into the European educational space", November 25-28, 2021, Kyiv (Ukraine), submitted an article in the collection of scientific works on pedagogical, psychological and philosophical sciences, included in the register of professional publications of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, participation and thesis "Non-standard methods of manipulation" at the XIII students’ conference "The First Step into Science" , which will take place on February 20, 2022.
Congratulations to the winner!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is observed every year on 11th February to recognise the importance of gender equality in the field of science.
Science is not limited just to one gender rather it is an opportunity for every human to learn and contribute to science. Wishing a very Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science to all. Let us give our ladies all the chance they deserve to make the change in this world using science.

According to the results of the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ research works in 2022 Lobatiuk Maria, 4th year student (Mцм 804) Medical Institute, scientific supervisor – Kozachenko Y.S. (Senior Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences) took the 3rd place in the field of "Educational, Pedagogical Sciences". Title - "Study." The results are presented: 1) in the article - Influence of Stress on the Educational Process of Students / Y.S. Kozachenko, M.E. Lobatiuk // Pedagogical sciences: theory, history, innovative technologies: scientific journal. - Sumy: Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko, 2021. - Issue 9-10. - 288-299. 2) participation and submission of abstracts to the All-Ukrainian conference of Linguistic Educational and Methodical Centre of Sumy State University "To make the world smarter and safer".
Congratulations to the winners!



Dear students, postgraduates, teachers!

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the XVI-th all-Ukrainian Scientific
and Practical Conference To Make the World Smarter and Safer”, 
which will be held on March 31, 2022, on the basis of the FL Department of Sumy State University.

Objectives of the conference:

  • - developing students motivation to learn foreign languages;
  • - developing research skills;
  • - improving presentation abilities;
  • - improving academic communication skills, both oral and written;
  • - exchanging teaching/learning experiences.


Conference panels:

  • High-tech and information technology advances.
  • Engineering advancements.
  • Innovation in medicine and modern life.
  • Financial and economic changes of today.
  • Intercultural communication as a tool of mutual understanding in the national diversity of the modern world, journalism and multimedia technologies.
  • The importance of learning foreign languages in the modern world.
  • Linguistic research of the present: challenges and perspectives.
  • Maintaining a healthy environment for future generations.
  • Postgraduate research.
  • Extracurricular activities and life-long education in foreign languages teaching.


Get more details below: call for papers

It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of activity during Christmas time.
May you get chance to take in the beauty and true meaning of the season
and have a Merry Christmas.

Wishing you and your family health, happiness, peace and prosperity
this Christmas and in the coming New Year.

On completion of the training course for EFL teachers "GetSet for a Successful Career" the certificates were issued in English:

Type of in-service training: in-service training course for EFL teachers "GetSet for a Successful Career"
Form of training: online.

Total amount: 1 ECTS credit.

Training period: November 10, 2021 - December 3, 2021

Date of issue of the certificate: 07.12.2021

Name Certificate number Name Certificate number
1. Alla Krasulia  94-001/07.12.2021 51. Svitlana Mikhno 94-051/07.12.2021
2. Gholam-Reza Abbasian 94-002/07.12.2021 52. Olga Nikitenko 94-052/07.12.2021
3. SR  Beh-Afarin Parpinchy 94-003/07.12.2021 53. Oksana Khnykina 94-053/07.12.2021
4. Oksana Demydovych 94-004/07.12.2021 54. Oksana Smal 94-054/07.12.2021
5. Anna Zaremba 94-005/07.12.2021 55. Larysa  Hartsunova 94-055/07.12.2021
6. Olha Shum 94-006/07.12.2021 56. Yevheniia Vienievtseva 94-056/07.12.2021
7. Diana Shynkarenko 94-007/07.12.2021 57. Galina Podvysotskaya 94-057/07.12.2021
8. Iryna Liashenko 94-008/07.12.2021 58. Natalia Khanykina 94-058/07.12.2021
9. Elena Osadcha 94-009/07.12.2021 59. Irina Socolets 94-059/07.12.2021
10. Ihor Yelisieiev 94-010/07.12.2021 60. Yuliya Skarlupina 94-060/07.12.2021
11. Larysa Pashis 94-011/07.12.2021 61. Svitlana Halazdra 94-061/07.12.2021
12. Moloud  Mohammadi 94-012/07.12.2021 62. Tetiana Konovalenko 94-062/07.12.2021
13. Maryna  Smuhliakova 94-013/07.12.2021 63. Yuliia  Novosad  94-063/07.12.2021
14. Olena Zhyhadlo 94-014/07.12.2021 64. Oleksandra Bondar 94-064/07.12.2021
15. Mariia Rudenko 94-015/07.12.2021 65. Svitlana Tarasova 94-065/07.12.2021
16. Zahra Yazdi 94-016/07.12.2021 66. Morteza Teimourtash 94-066/07.12.2021
17. Kateryna Bondarenko 94-017/07.12.2021 67. Lilia  Lunova 94-067/07.12.2021
18. Mykola Tyshchenko 94-018/07.12.2021 68. Liudmyla Zagoruiko 94-068/07.12.2021
19. Ebrahim Mohammadkhah 94-019/07.12.2021 69. Hanna Podosynnikova 94-069/07.12.2021
20. Anna Zakharchenko 94-020/07.12.2021 70. Zahra Dehini 94-070/07.12.2021
21. Olha Zhulavska 94-021/07.12.2021 71. Tetiana Tarasenko 94-071/07.12.2021
22. Olena Panchenko 94-022/07.12.2021 72. Tetiana Pochatko 94-072/07.12.2021
23. Iryna Kryvonos 94-023/07.12.2021 73. Nataliia Drobush 94-073/07.12.2021
24. IRINA SEREBRIANSKA 94-024/07.12.2021 74. Lyudmyla Koval 94-074/07.12.2021
25. Viktoriia Vasylets 94-025/07.12.2021 75. Yuliia Korobova 94-075/07.12.2021
26. Mitra Niyazi 94-026/07.12.2021 76. Svitlana  Podolkova 94-076/07.12.2021
27. Kateryna Tarasenko 94-027/07.12.2021 77. Nataliia Tatsenko  94-077/07.12.2021
28. Larysa Pavlenko 94-028/07.12.2021 78. Tetiana Plokhuta  94-078/07.12.2021
29. Daria Volkova 94-029/07.12.2021 79. Lyudmyla Hnapovska  94-079/07.12.2021
30. Antonina Semeniuk 94-030/07.12.2021 80. Alla Diadechko  94-080/07.12.2021
31. Irina Suima 94-031/07.12.2021 81. Nina Malovana  94-081/07.12.2021
32. Natalia Dmitrenko 94-032/07.12.2021 82. Oksana Hladchenko  94-082/07.12.2021
33. Halyna Cherednichenko 94-033/07.12.2021 83. Svitlana Zolotova  94-083/07.12.2021
34. Yuliia Kholmakova 94-034/07.12.2021 84. Viktoriia Kurochkina  94-084/07.12.2021
35. Yuliia Bohomol 94-035/07.12.2021 85. Nataliia Symonenko  94-085/07.12.2021
36. Yevgeniya Novikova 94-036/07.12.2021 86. Tetiana Aleksakhina  94-086/07.12.2021
37. Oksana Danylchenko 94-037/07.12.2021 87. Oksana Nefedchenko  94-087/07.12.2021
38. Nataliia Skrypnyk 94-038/07.12.2021 88. Larysa Andreiko  94-088/07.12.2021
39. Iryna Khalymon 94-039/07.12.2021 89. Darja Medvedovska  94-089/07.12.2021
40. Misha  Alifirovets 94-040/07.12.2021 90. Alla Khodtseva  94-090/07.12.2021
41. Viktoriia Lemeshchenko-Lagoda 94-041/07.12.2021 91. Nataliia Rudenko  94-091/07.12.2021
42. Antonina Devitska 94-042/07.12.2021 92. Olha Shchetynnykova  94-092/07.12.2021
43. Hanna Gladkykh 94-043/07.12.2021 93. Kaveh Jalilzadeh  94-093/07.12.2021
44. Maryna Bryk 94-044/07.12.2021 94. Doinikov Kyrylo  94-094/07.12.2021
45. Nataliia Styrnik 94-045/07.12.2021 95. Ruslana Korzhova  94-095/07.12.2021
46. Anna-Alina  Mykytiuk 94-046/07.12.2021 96. Anna Reshytko  94-096/07.12.2021
47. Inna Zaitseva 94-047/07.12.2021 97. Yuliia Kozachenko  94-097/07.12.2021
48. Anastasiia  Chasovskykh 94-048/07.12.2021 98. Natalia Hlukhovska  94-098/07.12.2021
49. Bita Bahrami Shams-Abadi 94-049/07.12.2021 99. Anastasia Kovalenko  94-099/07.12.2021
50. Olena Mamosiuk 94-050/07.12.2021 100.      Olena Nazarenko 94-100/07.12.2021


So, the EFL teacher professional development course “GetSet for Successful Career” is over. This course has been initiated in the framework of cooperation with the Islamic Azad University, which bonded about a hundred teachers from Ukrainian and Iranian universities. Professors of the Iranian university, the key presenters of the course, Dr. Gholam-Reza Abbasian and Dr. Seyed Reza Beh-Afari Parpinchy, with their sincere and open desire to share their knowledge, managed to unite the Ukrainian and Iranian academic cohorts, create a very special learning atmosphere and show the new strands of the valuable course content. For almost a month, the participants of the course have been joining each session, asking questions, and sharing their impressions.
This partnership experience with an Iranian university is new and very valuable for us, being an opportunity for us to acquire new knowledge and embrace the cultural component of teaching in Iranian universities.
Every ending is a new beginning, so we sincerely hope for further cooperation with interesting and already dear speakers in new projects, courses, academic and research activities.

The record of Dr. Beh-Afarin Parpinchi's webinar "Teacher’s Professional Development" is available on the link: 

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