On May 22, 2021, the lecturers of Foreign Languages Department Inna Zaitseva and Maria Sushko-Bezdenezhnykh attended the annual digital congress "Wissen und Lernen im digitalen Zeitalter", organized by the Goethe-Institute. The program of the Congress offered professional development opportunities to German language educators from around the world. The speakers were: Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation Valeria Ionan, Professor of Design “Digitaler Innovationen” Sasha Frizike from Berlin, founder of the successful startup "Petcube" Yaroslav Azhnyuk and many others.
The event focused on the latest digital trends, creative opportunities in the digital world, modern methodological and didactic advice for online lessons etc. All seminars for teachers were conducted in German and all the participants got certificates.

Over the last year, classrooms have closed or moved online and learning has been interrupted. Many learners and educators struggle with motivation or simply knowing how to manage, and stress levels are often high. What have we learned? How are others coping?
In May 2021 the lecturer of Foreign Languages Department Nina Malovana took part in Spring Days 2021 webinar series organized by Pearson Education. The event focused on professional development, learning about the latest trends, and discussing current topics in English language teaching. The speakers of the webinars (Ken Beatty, Leonor Corradi, Phil Warwick, Autumn Westphal, Jane Bledsoe, Donatella Fitzgerald, Andrew Khan) shared some ideas and solutions for lost learning, hybrid learning, techno stress, new approaches to classroom management, teaching, monitoring and student engagement and more. The presenters gave practical recommendations for all levels of learners including mix groups of face-to-face and online learners.
With the speakers of the webinars covering areas from assessment to self-care, there were lots of interesting topics to choose from.

The revived nature comes with the most beautiful spring holiday – Holy Easter. Let it fill our houses with light, our minds with kindness and our works with beauty. As Easter is a time for hope and renewal of spirit, let the spirits guide you to be a better person and make it easy for you. Happy Easter Sunday!

On APRIL 21, 2021 – APRIL 23, 2021 Svitlana Mikhno attended the workshop “E-TOOL” (Teaching Online Opportunity Lab) organised with the financial support from A.S. Hornby Educational Trust and coordinated by the British Council. The workshop “E-TOOL” aimed to create a platform for the Ukrainian EFL teaching community to:
• foster their confidence in using online teaching/learning tools;
• develop their own and students’ digital literacies;
• exchange positive practices.
The programme consisted of workshops, specifically tailored to participants’ needs, covering a variety of topics:
• “Top Tips for Great Screencasts” (Jo Gakonga, University of Warwick, UK)
• “Intensive EFL Training: 21-Day Speaking (Vlogging) Challenge” (Alla Krasulia, Sumy State University, Ukraine)
• “Task Based Learning in a Virtual Environment” ( M. Dulmin Upeke Wijerathne, British Council, Sri Lanka)
• “Motivational potential of technology in the English language classroom” (Larysa Andreiko, Sumy State University, Ukraine)
• “Using IT tools in projects and distance learning” (Liveworksheets, Storyjumper, Voki) (Victoriia Lomaka, School № 5, Sumy, Ukraine)
• “Online Assessment Tools and Strategies” (Wendy Finlayson, English Language Fellow Program of the U.S. Department of State, the USA)
• “Essentials of Online Teaching: Reading and Listening Skills” (Shaun Hicks, English Language Fellow Program of the U.S. Department of State, the USA)

Teachers of the Foreign Languages Department keep on gathering research, strategies, and best practices from experts in the field of English language teaching.
Svitlana Mikhno became a TESOL International Association member and joined the global community of English language professionals for the virtual TESOL 2021 Convention & English Language Expo, 24-27 March! TESOL is a dynamic community of teachers, researchers, administrators, and students who share the mission of advancing professional expertise in English language teaching.
On 24-27 March 2021 Svitlana Mikhno attended International Convention and English Language Expo. The TESOL 2021 convention program covered a wide array of critical topics for English language professionals and offered professional development opportunities to English language educators at all levels from around the world. With 6,000 attendees and nearly 1,000 sessions, the convention had something for everyone. The English Language Expo, the largest of its kind, provided the opportunity to showcase the latest products, publications, software, and ESOL teaching tools to more than 6,500 international TESOL professionals.

On 18th – 19th March, 2021 the conference “First Step to Science” took place in Sumy State University. The teachers of the Foreign Languages Department N. Maliovana, V. Kurochkina, T. Plokhuta, O. Gladchenko, O. Nefedchenko, S. Mikhno and T. Pochatko prepared 13 students for participation in the conference.
Tasks of the conference:
– Forming interest of students to scientific work
– Preparation of talented young people to further scientific work
– Preparation for taking part in scientific conferences
– Shaping ideas about directions of the scientific work, which is being conducted by the departments of SSU.
Students of the Medical Institute under the scientific supervision of teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages: N. Maliovana (4 students), O. Gladchenko (2 students), O. Nefedchenko (1 student) took part in Section A “Actual Problems and Perspectives of Development of Modern Medicine”. Students presented their scientific reports: Belabdi A., MC.m-005 "Sarc-Cov-2 as a Respiratory Disease that Infects Neurons"; Birin O., MC.m-901 "Brain Fatigue - Death for Human Heart"; Domashenko M. MC.m-901 "How Our Diet Affects Mental Health"; Zozulya I., MC.m-901 "Burnout Syndrome as a Psychological Phenomenon" and Danilishyn I., SM-901 "Insoluble Macromolecules in Root Canal Sealers".
Poster presentations: Ileiko D., MC.m-006 "Placebo-the Best Cure Evermade" and Pluzhnychenko M., MC.m-006 "Medical Deontology".
The second-year student Maryna Domashenko (group MC.m.-901 of the Medical Institute) took the second place with her presentation: "How Our Diet Affects Mental Health". Scientific supervisor: N. Malovana.
Denys Hleba, group IN-02 took the third place in Section “Philology. Communication. Society” with his presentation: "Forming Students’ Independence while Studying Remotely". Scientific supervisor: S. Mikhno
Congratulations to the winners and participants of the conference!

9th – 11th March 2021 the teachers of the Foreign Languages Department took part in International Higher Education Forum 2021. During the Forum the teachers addressed the issues headed on and explored potential solutions. Plenary sessions and presentations were imparted by noted thought leaders and experts in their fields, who drew from academic research papers, case studies and success stories. The Forum consisted of 5 sessions and explored 5 themes. During the 1st day the speakers together with Forum participants from all over the world discussed the problems of Attracting students and the issues of Assessment. During the 2nd day's sessions they were covering topics around Employability and Career Focused Education. On Day 3 the participants were covering topics around Online Teaching.
Higher Education worldwide is changing, and institutions are encountering challenges when adapting to the new reality and preparing for an unclear and potentially unfamiliar post COVID environment. 2020 has accelerated some of these changes, introduced new obstacles and exposed needs that were not specifically considered before.
Education Institutions are now tackling a number of issues around student migration and recruitment, the learning environment and virtual education, internationalization and employability. The question is, how do Higher Education Institutions continue to stay relevant, adapt to an ever-evolving world, address the requirements of modern students as future professionals.

Spring and women have much in common. They both are about flowering, revival, inspiration and beauty. Wishing a very happy Woman’s Day to strong, intelligent, talented and simply wonderful women of our university! Don’t you ever forget that you are loved and appreciated. On this special day we want to wish you a lot of love, joy and patience.
Let the spring sun melt snow and ice.
Let it bring happiness, joy and lights to your hearts,
Let it bring lots of love to your homes.
We greet you with the beautiful spring and Woman’s day!
Happy Women’s Day!

Online trainings from Dinternal Education can always offer teachers a variety of useful resources to help students achieve exam success.
On February 23, 2021 teachers of the Foreign Languages Department Nataliia Symonenko and Allla Diadechko took part in online training “ A teacher’s ONLINE TOOL for EXAM PREP– MyEnglishLab ”. The training was held by Dinternal methodist Julia Kianets. The speaker presented the tools available, as well as the skills and techniques, for delivering engaging and motivating exam classes. using Focus second edition and High Note books; receiving extra hints and tips while completing homework. Using MyEnglishLab can help improve student results, feel more motivated to manage mixed-ability classes, improve on mistakes and make a positive impact on learning outcomes.
After completing the training teachers received certificates of attendance (2 academic hours).


Cooperation with European Scientific Organizations is the key to the development of Ukrainian science. Members of such organizations work together, inspire new ideas and help motivate each other. Our teachers Tetiana Plokhuta, Tetiana Aleksakhina, Nataliia Usenko, Oxana Nefedchenko became members of the scientific organization "Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation".  The main objective of the Centre is to examine the experience of higher education institutions and the subjects of public administration in education and science of the European Union countries, as well as to create a favorable mutual scientific environment of Ukraine and EU countries.


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