The English for Universities Project initiated by British Council Ukraine (2015 – 2018) involved thirty-two Ukrainian universities aiming to improve the quality, in higher education contexts, of both English for Specific Purposes (ESP) teaching and of English-Medium Instruction (EMI). On February 19, 2019 the impact of the project in Ukrainian Higher Education was officially presented. The instructor of the Foreign languages department Svitlana Mikhno was honoured to visit the presentation. There is strong evidence that it influenced significantly on the design, organisation and assessment of ESP courses, the classroom practices of ESP teachers changed, EMI lecturers felt it led to changes in the way they plan and deliver lectures.

The teacher of the Foreign languages department Inna Zaitseva participated in the Language Training Course  “Teaching Technical German”  that was held at Kyiv National Polytechnic University on December 2-9. The lecturers of the course Ania Lange and Silmenau Selma Zagman  tackled the issues of different approaches on teaching technical German to university students.

Trainings on building assessment skills of University teachers took place at Sumy State University. The instructor of the Foreign languages department Svitlana Mikhno participated in the trainings guided by professor John Pill. The obtained skills and knowledge help effectively evaluate students’ progress while teaching English for Specific Purposes.

An instructor of the foreign languages department Oksana Gladchenko has been selected to train volunteers at the US Peace Corps in Ukraine. American volunteers may serve in three projects: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Youth Development, and Community Development. The projects include teaching English in secondary schools, universities and teacher training schools, cooperation with local departments of family, youth and sport to provide young Ukrainians assistance needed to achieve success in their career and in life, cooperation with non-governmental organizations, local government organizations, local executive authorities and business structures. For three months Oksana works as a language and cultural facilitator with volunteers who will later work with students, teachers, youth and local communities. We wish our colleague success!

 Teachers of the Foreign Languages  Department took part in the Polish-American-Ukrainian project of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Lviv Polytechnic University Camp "Believe" on July 16-21, 2018.  The trainings of the summer English-speaking camp were held by native speakers were devoted to the pedagogical skills and professional development of English teachers.  Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages of Sumy State University Oksana Gladchenko, Victoriia Kurochkina, Svitlana Mikhno and Svitlana Podolkova took part in the trainings held in the village of Zozulie. The following trainings happened to be among the best:
 - Giving Clear Instructions;
 - Innovative Approaches to Teaching Grammar;
 - Dramatisation in the Classroom;
 - Lessons on Descriptions;
 - Rubrics;
 - Across Cultures;
 - Dialects functioning in America and Ukraine;
 -Everyday American Slang.
 We express our sincere gratitude to Peace Corps volunteers Glenn Anderson, Shaun Hicks, Kirsten Dick, Linda Katz and Ben Stewart for new knowledge and experience, incredible positive emotions.

The teacher of the Foreign Languages Department Svitlana Mikhno passed the second stage of the training within the British Council project "English for Universities", which took place on July 1-6 in Irpin (Kyiv oblast), at the Summer School of Professional Development.

 The trainings were devoted to modern approaches of the development of speaking, reading, comprehension, listening and writing skills of students, the use of electronic teaching aids, lesson planning and its analysis under the guidance of British Council professional tutors. The CIVELT 2: Language of ESP course that lasts 36 hours involves the obligatory dissemination of knowledge among other teachers of our university.


On April 15, on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Sumy State University, the second round of trainings was held for young people within the project "Young WIT". Highly-honored coaches Andriana Kostenko (Sumy State University) and Stefan Stirling (US Peace Corps in Ukraine) taught students to present themselves to future employers, highlighted the peculiarities of the development of the IT sector and the opportunity for young people to get promising work. Each participant took a video of a resume lasting 60 seconds which was presented and analysed by the trainers. We thank Benjamin Stewart, the training director (US Peace Corps in Ukraine), for one more interesting event.

On March All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Teachers "To Make the World Smarter and Safer" was successfully held at the Department of Foreign Languages of Sumy State University. The conference takes place at the initiative of the Linguistic Educational Center and the student's scientific club of the Department of Foreign Languages. The purpose of the event is to involve students and post-graduate students into the discussion in a foreign language, to improve the ability to present materials and express their own point of view in professional and academic field. Reports were devoted to the innovations in the field of medicine, socio-cultural technologies, engineering, electronics. Students demonstrated the ability to present their own ideas in a foreign language and at the end of the conference each participant was awarded with a certificate.

This is the ninth time Sumy State University organizes student scientific conference “The First Step into Science”. The purpose of the event is to form students’ interest in the scientific research. This year student Viktoria Ponomarenko, group IT-62, took the second place in the category “Mathematics. Computer and Information Technologies”. She presented the results of her research on the topic «CREATE YOUR OWN 3D LIFE» in English.

The following presentations were also done in a foreign language:


Savytska I.V., student; Sumy State University, group L-73 «LAW SUPPORT TO FOREIGNERS IN UKRAINE» (Scientific advisor: Milenkova R.V.)


Shamonin K.E, student, SSU KB-71 «QUANTUM CRYPTOGRAPHY» (English language advisor: Plokhuta T.M.)


Solodova E., student; SSU, гр. PЕ-71/1у «WHY DO WE NEED TO DEVELOP OURSELVES?» (Language consultant, Darja Medvdedovska)


Burnakova V.Y., the student of Sumy State University, gr. ME-71an/1y «DECENTRALIZATION IN UKRAINE» (The supervisor: Shkodkina Y.M.)


D. Petryk, Student of Education and Research Institute for Business Technologies “UAB” of Sumy State University, FBS-61a «THE ESSENCE AND WAYS OF IMPROVEMENT OF MONETARY POLICY IN UKRAINE» (Supervisor O.I. Leshchenko)


Olkhovik D.O., student; SSU, gr. ME-71an «SOURCES OF REPAYMENT OF UKRAINE'S STATE DEBT» (Supervisor: Shkodkina Yu.M., Senior Lecturer)


Semykash V., student; SSU, ІМ-61 «ORGANIC FERTILIZER MANUFACTURING FOR GROWING OF ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FOODS”, (Supervisor: Ostroga R.O., assistant professor)


Tretiak T., student; Sumy State University, group M-61 «INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AS A SEPARATE STRATUM OF SOCIETY» (Scientific supervisor: S. V. Mikhno, instructor)


Lisovska D.V., student; SSU, group M-71 «THE PROBLEM OF EMPLOYABILITY OR WILL I GET A JOB OF MY DREAM” (Leader: Turchyna T.V.)


Nikolaev S., student; SSU, gr. E-71 «ECONOMIC CRISIS IN UKRAINE AND SOME WAYS TO OVERCOME IT” (Language advisor: Turchyna T.V.)


Shapoval V. Y., student; SSU, Gr. ME-71an “PERSONAL FINANCE: HOW TO PAY FOR YOURSELF” (Supervisor: Shkodkina Y. M., Senior Lecturer)


Roman Kotiuk, student; SSU, M-71 «THE IMPORTANCE OF A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN THE LABOR MARKET”, Derbeniov K. O., student; SSU, gr. IE-72a (МЕ-72а) «FREACONOMICS. BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS. NONRATIONAL BEHAVIOR” (Scientific adviser: Nilova N. M., Associate Professor Language adviser Andreyko L.V., Associate Professor)


Krasnenko R.І, student; SumDU, group МЕ-61 «LEADERSHIP IN OUR LIFE” (Instructor: Kozachenko Yuliia Sergiivna, Ph.D.)


Vyalkova V.V., student; SSU, IE-72a «CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET IN UKRAINE AND ITS LEGALITY. KARBOWANETS” (Language advisor: Andreyko L.V., Associate Professor)


Kate Bogomolova, student; SSU, PE-71 «WATER POLUTION IN UKRAINE» (Language consultant Daria Medvedovska)


Skrynnik S.V, student; SSU, group PE-71 «THE IMORTANCE OF E-COMMERCE” (Language consultant: Darja Medvedovska), Kocherhin S.S., student of Sumy State University, group ЕC-61А «NANOTECHNOLOGIES IN THE ECONOMY OF UKRAIN” (Supervisor: Khodtseva A.O., associate professor)


Hryhorenko Y.I , student; SSU, gr. E-71 «CORRUPTION IN MEDICINE IN UKRAINE. SOME WAYS TO OVERCOME” (Language advisor: Turchyna T. V.


Malonkina I.S., student; Sumy State University, group PA-71 “METHOD OF PSYCHOLOGICAL INFLUENCE ON EMPLOYEES” (Supervisor Iu.O. Myroshnychenko, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Department of Management)


Motuzna A.V., student of Sumy State University, Group Ju-71 «WHY STUDENTS OF LAW NEED ENGLISH» (Language advisor: Liashenko I.V., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Department Education & Research Institute for Business Technologies “UAB”)


Karina Khachataryan, student; Sumy State University, gr. JT-61 «STYLISTICS OF THE PRINTED MEDIA LANGUAGE (BASED ON THE MATERIALS OF THE NEWSPAPER “DАУ”) (Scientific Advisor: Ph. D. Nina Maliovana)


Daria Ivanova, student; Sumy State University, gr. PR-71 «TRANSLATION FEATURES OF THE ENGLISH FILM TITLES INTO UKRAINIAN» (Academic supervisor: Yemelyanova O. V., Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Philological Sciences)


Dorohokuplya A.O., student; Sumy State University, gr. PR-71 «LACUNAS TRANSLATION FROM ENGLISH INTO UKRAINIAN” (Academic supervisor: Yemelyanova O. V., Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Philological Sciences)


Rava V. M., student; SumDU, gr. PR-62 «LANGUAGE MANIPULATION IN ADVERTISING” (Teacher: Prokopenko A. V., senior lecturer)


Aliona Kovalenko, student, Sumy State University, group PR–61/1 «POWER OF LANGUAGE MEANS IN THE TEXTS OF HOROSCOPES» (Academic supervisor: Olena Popova, Ph. D. in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor)


Guest Tinofara Mpofu, student; SSU, gr. MTS.m-740an «ZIMBABWE: A CASE OF MORE THAN JUST SIXTEEN OFFICIAL LANGUAGES» (Scientific supervisor: Dyadchenko А.V., superior teacher)


I.O.Kravchenko, Sumy State University, SR-71 group «HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS ONE OF THE MODERN PROBLEMS OF MANKIND» (EL Adviser O.R.Gladchenko)

The teachers of the Foreign languages department Inna Zaitseva, Nina Maliovana, Svitlana Mikhno participated in the winter teacher training school that was held within The English for Universities project which aim is to improve the levels of English in Ukraine’s universities among both university teaching staff and students at which they can fully participate on the international stage. The project objective is to help Ukraine create its own sustainable EL teaching capacity to take students to B2 or C1 CEFR levels; introduce standards based on the recommendations of consultancies assessing what is needed to reach goals of fluency in English amongst more staff and students.

The teachers of the department successfully completed the course «CiVELT (Certificate in Vocational English Language Teaching): Essentials», 35 hours in total. The modules of the course included:

ü  What is ESP?

ü  Understanding Needs

ü  Motivation

ü  Positive Classroom Interaction

ü  Developing Authentic Tasks

ü  Exploiting Vocational Contexts as Resource

ü  Adapting the Given Coursebook

ü  Identifying and Selecting Lesson Aims

ü  Components of the Lesson

ü  Lesson Planning

The experience of the teacher training school is going to be shared at the department to make lessons more efficient and facilitate teaching and studying the English language.

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