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We are looking forward to seeing you at the “E-TOOL” symposium this coming Wednesday and Thursday at 1.30 pm on Zoom.

Nine inspirational speakers are going to share their experiences of using online tools in a number of ways in different contexts. Join in if you want to enrich your online classroom practices with new practical ideas and make your teaching style even more engaging!

You will learn about
- benefits and challenges of some online feedback tools and techniques;
- pitfalls of synchronous online instruction and the ways to overcome them;
- book writing projects conducted with the help of "Book.Creator";
- challenges of teaching online using limited technological resources;
- how to encourage language acquisition on-line with the use of aphoristic quotations;
- how effective the 21 day vlog challenge is for learning a language;
- developing students' soft skills by means of Google tools;
- how “E-TOOL” insights have been practically implemented at Sumy State University;
- mobile applications that can be used in learning English.

More information is available at 
If you haven’t registered yet, please follow the link 
“E-TOOL” team

  Participants in the professional development course GetSet for Successful Career will have the opportunity to attend a webinar on the specifics of professional development for EFL teachers from Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, Dr. Seyed Reza Beh-Afarin, of English Translation Department at Islamic Azad University, Northern Tehran.
Dr. Seyed Reza Beh-Afarin lectures diverse subjects of English translation and advises M.A. and Ph.D. candidates. His research areas of interest include translation studies, translator/interpreter education, materials development, multilingualism, literary translation, and Diaspora studies, which he has passionately pursued over the past 15 years. In addition to academic exertion, Dr. Beh-Afarin is Certified Translator to the Judiciary, simultaneous and consecutive interpreter at the Center for Middle-East Strategic Studies, Iran’s State Department and has been head translator and interpreter to the Central Bank of Iran.


Participation in the project from the British Council for Iryna Liashenko, an Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, is both incomparably valuable in professional growth and honorable.
In August 2021, a global project of the British Council, "Future English," was launched in Ukraine with the opening of a new platform Online Teacher Community, which became an online center for communication between educators.
The virtual platform is an initiative of the British Council Ukraine and is a place where English teachers and educators can take advantage of online training. In particular, replenish your own e-portfolio, attend webinars and training courses for professional development.
In addition, the platform offers the opportunity to communicate with teachers from more than 15 countries, share experiences, and discuss issues that are universal for ELT, regardless of country.
The British Council in Ukraine has allocated funds to create a community for ESP teachers, “Ukraine ESP Community,” and launched a pilot project for Ukrainian universities to develop a training course on the platform and its discussion and communication on the forum platform. Through competitive selection, which Iryna Liashenko successfully passed, facilitators were selected for this group.
The facilitators of the platform help to communicate in forums and during online sessions on current issues of professional English and far beyond, through the implementation of various tasks of the modules and the and the study of new methods and technologies in teaching,
After the first month of working on this project on forums and live sessions, Iryna Liashenko held a live session with the Ukraine ESP Community group members on reflection on the learning outcomes of the Differentiated Instruction module.

How do EFL teachers spend their evenings? Of course, in networking discussions, professional issues. The fourth webinar of the GetSet for Successful Career course from Professor Abbasyan from Azad University in Iran, dedicated to psycholinguistics and its role in language acquisition.
The webinar highlighted the issues of acquiring language skills, the function of the brain in the formation of speech skills, the peculiarities of memory, approaches to psycholinguistics application in language learning.
The next webinar will be held on Friday, December 1, with Dr. Seyed Reza Beh-Afarin and will address the specifics of teacher professional development.

Where can you meet like-minded people who are eager to embark on professional communication on teaching, networking with the colleagues? Who can you share your practical experience with? Of course, this is a conference! Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Department Iryna Liashenko took part in the 4th International Scientific and Practical Online Conference " Philological and Pedagogical Studies in 21st Century National and International Science", which took place on November 23, 2021 at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Besides Iryna Liashenko, who gave a presentation "Differentiation strategies in the ESP classroom", the presenting cohort included the leading researchers from Ukrainian universities, Counselor of Embassy of Spain to Ukraine Javier Fuentes, Regional English Language Officer, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Lottie Baker, the representative and a teacher from Dinternal Education Kris Kirby.
The discussions were held in a friendly atmosphere, enlightened participants talked openly and asked questions.

So, we’ve overcome the equator of our course which was hallmarked by another gem from Dr. Gholam-Reza Abbasian “Assessment-based Education: Focus on EFL” which literally blown the course participants mind about three assessment paradigms, such as psychometrics, educational measurement and educational assessment. The presentation centered on the educational assessment highlighting the differentiated strategies in learning and assessment, revealing the real nature of a student-centered approach.
The next webinar will be hold on Wednesday 24 November and will be devoted to Psycholinguistics & SLA.

On November 17, 2021, another webinar on professional development for EFL teachers has been delivered! The event unfolded the problem of designing tests in language learning. Professor Gholam-Reza Abbasian explained in detail why you need to create a good test, what is behind the value of a good test, and what should be included in the process of creating a test from scratch. Professor Gholam-Reza Abbasian has included all his many years of experience in his presentation, revealing all the details in designing the tests, which for many of our colleagues has panned out to be a valuable material for practical application. The participants, in turn, willingly took part in a lively discussion of the issues that Professor Abbasian had sent before his presentation.
The next webinar will continue the topic of assessment and will be on Friday, November 19. We are very grateful for the opportunity to gain new knowledge for professional activities and look forward to the next lesson!

We are looking forward to the second webinar of the course "GetSet for Successful Career" - a professional development course for ELT teachers, which is held in the framework of international cooperation between Foreign languages Departments of SSU and Islamic Azad University by a high-profile professional in Linguistics and Academic Research Dr. Gholam-Reza Abbasian.
Participants will receive a certificate of completion of the course.
This webinar “Test Craft” will reveal the secrets of test design in language education. This is the second webinar scheduled for this month, so don't miss out: Wednesday, 4.30pm (Ukraine) and 6pm (Iran)!

The registration for a free course in academic writing in English is open within the joint Ukrainian and Czech project "AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine" until 15 December. The course is designed for novice researchers or scholars who want to improve their academic English language skills. The Czech partner will issue a certificate upon completion of the course.

The registration for a free course in Academic writing in English has been opened within the joint Ukrainian and Czech project "AgriSciences Platform for Scientific Enhancement of HEIs in Ukraine," implemented by a consortium of 5 Ukrainian universities, including SSU. The project aims to strengthen the capacity and cooperation of young teachers, researchers, and masters and doctoral students in selected Ukrainian universities.
The course "Fundamentals of Academic Writing" is designed for novice researchers or scholars who want to improve the quality of Academic English. The application submission deadline is 15 December 2021.

Upon successful completion of the course "Fundamentals of Academic Writing" in English, participants will receive a certificate from a Czech partner and will:
• Know the structure of the research article
• Be able to develop a research paper
• Have practical skills in the practice of analytical and synthetic analysis when writing an article
• Obtain developed academic reading skills
• Have in-depth academic writing skills
• Gain valuable phrases for writing an academic article

The course includes 80 hours of training and will run from 10 January to 7 March 2022 and will be conducted through the Canvas Learning Management System, an agile, collaborative software application that allows both asynchronous and synchronous learning and teaching, engaging in teamwork, creating an academic atmosphere. Certificates will be issued to those who successfully have completed all tasks and passed at least 70% of the top grade.

Who can apply?
Candidates must:
• Be a teacher or a graduate student.
• Have advanced reading and writing skills in English (B2).
• Have regular and reliable access to high-speed Internet.
• Be prepared to spend 6 to 7 hours a week online for an 8-week course.
• Have a firm determination to improve academic research skills.
• Be ready to take an active part in online discussions and complete all tasks on time.

To enroll in the course, please complete the online application by 15 December 2021 at this link: 

The number of participants is limited; the process of competitive selection of participants will be based on the analysis of applications and preliminary English testing. Based on the study of applications, candidates will be invited to take an English test.

Course teacher: Iryna Liashenko, Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, Sumy State University.
Questions may be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The project coordinator "AgriSciences Platform for Strengthening Science in Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine" on the Ukrainian side for SSU - Associate Professor of International Economic Relations Department, ERI BiEM, Sumy State University, Oksana Zamora.

Learn more about the project: 

We have kicked in the first webinar of our course “GetSet for Successful Career”! The webinar “Doing Educational Research: Preliminaries” united the university teachers, Masters and PhD students from almost every region of Ukraine and from a lot of Iranian universities. Scrupulously and clearly, Dr. Abbasian clarified all stages of the research design which is so essential for the teachers for publishing in foreign indexed academic journals.
The next webinar will enlighten the ideas on test crafting for ELT teachers.

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