Foreign Languages Department

Корисні посилання


Over the course of five days in August, SSU English Teacher Ben Stewart led an English-language summer camp for 53 Ukrainian children outside of Kurhan.  The camp itself, known as Camp EXCITE, was a longstanding tradition in the Sumy region, but had been inactive since the evacuation in 2013.  Benjamin and fellow PCV Lauren Grubbs wrote a grant to finance the camp's revival, and with the help of the Camp's former director, Olga Vasilyevna Prihodko, made Camp EXCITE a reality once again.  The camp included lessons on Volunteerism, Civic Activism, and Leadership, while also mixing in specialized mini-master classes on such subjects as photography, American slang, embroidery, Diversity in the USA, Introductory Chinese, and much more.  The Camp was staffed by 8 American Peace Corps Volunteers, 2 EVS Volunteers (SVETLANA: This stands for European Volunteer Services), 11 Ukrainians, and supported by Sumy's Center for Euroinitiatives.