Foreign Languages Department

Корисні посилання

The volunteer from Peace Corps in Ukraine is going to teach students at the department of foreign languages

The year of English in Ukraine presented us with a new teacher: English will be taught to students by an American volunteer Benjamin Geoffrey Stewart. The American Peace Corps volunteer will work at the department of foreign languages for two years. This will facilitate the development of students’ communicative abilities in foreign languages and also broaden their world view. Also the instructors will be able to implement the innovative methodology of Team Teaching. We ourselves hope that the volunteer will successfully and easily integrate into our culture with the help of our department and students.

Benjamin has already acquainted himself with the city of Sumy, the community and his colleagues and has established a cooperation with the department. On December 7 he swore in along with 74 other volunteers at the Ukrainian House in Kyiv and performed the national anthems of both Ukraine and the USA.

This not the first time that the department has cooperated with a Peace Corps volunteer. Two other Americans worked here with us, John Clifton from 1998 to 2000 and Thomas Dorgan from 2000 to 2003.