Associate Professor of the Foreign Languages Department Iryna Liashenko won a grant for study at the Norwegian University of Oslomet and studied in the spring semester 2022 at the Assessment and Learning course within the PhD Program in Educational Sciences for Teacher Education developed by Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) and the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) and offered in collaboration with Volda University. Iryna Liashenko studied with other doctors of philosophy - students from other European universities with high professionals and well-known researchers and professors in assessment: Dina Tsagari, Tony Berner, Sigrun Svenkerud, Siv Tereza, Maseidvag Hamlem, Kari Smith. Oslomet is one of the best academic and research school in assessment in Europe and a highly ranked university.


The course focused on key aspects of assessment, carefully and uniquely selected from substantive and contemporary perspectives, including the seminal works on which the research was based: Formative Assessment, Assessment of Children and Young People, Assessment of Reading, Assessment of Writing, Assessment and Speaking Skills, Assessment and feedback, Assessment as a pedagogical tool are the main topics, but the discussions went far beyond these topics, enhanced by the study of many other resources, in addition to the endless list that was offered at the beginning of the course.

This package of knowledge armed Iryna Liashenko with a solid base of views and an understanding of their practical and scientific significance in work. Moreover, this activity opened access to a new field in the professional circle and many creative ways for further development.

In addition to the training sessions, the course program included creative tasks and further discussions, which ultimately led to a scientific examination paper as a summary of the course's learning.

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