Making an Impact 2022 is the University of Liverpool is annual programme of development opportunities for academic and research-related individuals at all career levels. 12 sessions, taking place between 9th May and 10th June 2022 were open to external attendees from the research community. Tetiana Plokhuta attended the following:


Keynote: Knowledge exchange - a funders perspective

Presenter: Alice Frost

Alice Frost is the Director of Knowledge Exchange Policy at Research England. She is responsible for knowledge exchange policy and funding at RE, and a lead expert at UKRI on commercialization.

From Liverpool to Impact: A Career in Circular Economy

Presenter: Dr Mervyn Jones, Sustainable Global Resources Ltd

Mervyn has worked in sustainability on strategy development, implementation and consultation for more than 20 years, advising on construction, procurement, recycling, and even the Olympic Games! 

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) attributes developed during these sessions are relevant to the following sub-domains:

Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities

A1: Knowledge base
A2: Cognitive Abilities   
A3: Creativity    

Domain B: Personal Effectiveness

B1: Personal Qualities
B2: Self-Management
B3: Professional and Career Development

Domain C: Research Governance and Organisation        

C1: Professional Conduct
C2: Research Management        
C3: Finance, Funding and Resources       

Domain D: Engagement, Influence and Impact

D1: Working with Others            
D2: Communication and Dissemination
D3: Engagement and Impact

 Digital Inclusivity: Has COVID-19 changed the landscape of digital inclusion?

Presenter: Prof. Simeon Yates – UoL Simeon is Professor of Digital Culture and Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research Environment and Postgraduate Research. He has undertaken research on the social, political and cultural impacts of digital media since 1990. Since 2004 he has mainly focused on projects that address issues of digital inclusion and exclusion.

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