Even in times of war, anxiety and uncertainty, teachers of Foreign Languages Department keep developing professionally. The joint project “Sharing Contexts Across Cultures” initiated by the professional association of English teachers TESOL-Italy to support the Ukrainian TESOL members is in full swing now. The 6th event in a series of online webinars, where both communities exchange their best EFL teaching/learning practices, was held on May 19, 2022. The webinar leader was Lyudmyla Hnapovska, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Department, who shared insights from foreign languages teaching, learning and assessment at Sumy State University. Her presentation “TESOL in a Ukrainian Setting: QUO VADIS (A Case of Sumy State University)” arouse genuine interest with around 70 webinar participants who got a clear picture of the methodology and practices advocated in the educational setting of Sumy State University.

Sincere thanks to our Italian colleagues for their support!   



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